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We are a 30 years old plumbing company in Airdrie. We have trained professionals who can take care of all your commercial and residential plumbing issues.

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When you need quality plumbing by dedicated professionals we are the people you can come to. At Calgary Plumbing Heating we have been fixing boilers, furnaces, garage heaters, cleaning drains and replacing sewer lines. If you need any of these services in Airdrie, come to us. We are quick to respond to calls and help the people of Airdrie with quality plumbing at affordable prices. We strive to provide the quality services that you deserve.

Boiler Repair In Airdrie

It is critical that you get the most out of your boiler throughout the winter months, and specialists can assist you with this. While it’s obvious when your boiler isn’t heating your house effectively, there are additional symptoms that your boiler needs repairs or, in some circumstances, replacement. Among these indicators are: Your boiler is leaking, producing loud, odd noises, and your heating cost is suddenly more than it has been in previous months. Your home or business is no longer the same temperature throughout, and the temperature swings across rooms. We have repaired all kinds of boiler issues and you can be assured you will get a quick and effective fix when you choose us.

Furnace Repair In Airdrie

Do you have a furnace at home that needs repair? We repair all kinds of furnace issues. If you have a cold and warm draft of air in each room. Some rooms are hot while others are cold, it could be due to ducts, blowers or heat transmitters. We have proper knowledge relating to furnaces and we can fix it promptly.

Garage Heater In Airdrie

Any brand of garage heater may be repaired or installed by our professionals. We can fix any brand of garage heater you choose. When it comes to choosing your next shop heater, you have a lot of alternatives. Units can be garage-heater direct vented, allowing fresh air to be drawn in from the outside. This type of direct venting is commonly used in shops that use combustibles and are concerned about destroying a heat exchanger. We can fix any type of garage heater, including electric and natural gas models.

Sewer Line Replacement In Airdrie

When your sewer line is speaking or backing up, it is time to call the professionals, A faulty sewer line can be a huge cause of concern. If the sewer water is leaking in your property it could mix up with drinking water and the soil giving rise to all sorts of bacteria. If you donโ€™t want to compromise your family;s and your health, fixing sewer lines is the way. We can replace old sewer lines with new and better versions of sewer lines that will keep your sewer lines durable for ages.

Drain Cleaning In Airdrie

Clogged drains can make taking showers, and washing utensils a living hell. Proper disposal of waste water is one of the most important things. If your drain is clogged, water will overflow all over your bathroom and kitchen floor. No one wants to deal with dirty water flooding their house. Drains clog due to a number of reasons. Years of dirt and material get stuck up in the pipes and eventually clog the drain. We have proper tools to get rid of all kinds of clogs and remove the clog from your drainage pipes. If you have clogged drains give us a call for drain cleaning.

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We are always on time and complete within schedule. We are trained professionals who go through upgradation training to keep up with the current market. Our company is dedicated to providing quality repair and replacement services at affordable prices. Give us a call today to know more.



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