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We are a licensed and insured plumbing company in Calgary. At Calgary Plumbing Heating we have been helping the people of Calgary with all their plumbing needs for more than 30 years.

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No matter how big or small your plumbing issue is, we will come on time to fix it. With winter already here, we can provide prompt solutions for all your heating issues. We fix electric heaters, gas heaters, furnaces, boilers, space heaters and more. If you need drainage or sewer maintenance services, we are available every day of the week to help. Give us a call today to know more.

Boiler Repair

If your boiler is leaking, making weird noises, not heating water, or has any other issues, we can repair them promptly. Our company has been providing quality repairs for more than 30 years now. We understand the importance of having hot water especially in winters. No one wants to shower in cold water when it’s freezing. Your boiler plays a huge role in heating up water and if it is not working the way it should, it is time to call the professionals. Good thing is you have a reliable company to help you with the issue.

Furnace Repair

If your furnace is not heating your house well, it is time to call us. Our plumbers can fix poor heating by inspecting the furnace and fixing it. There could be a number of issues with your furnace, the furnace might not be turning on it’s own, the furnace is noisy or leaking water, has too much condensation, the mechanical parts such as fans might not be working, the pilot light or the thermostat could be damaged. Our team is well versed in furnace repair and they can fix it.

Garage Heater

The heating specialists and installers at plumbing Calgary are your local garage heater system experts! With superior maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement services, we take pleasure in making your home comfortable again! Garage unit heaters are intended for use as space heaters. Gas unit heaters are often utilised in high-ceilinged locations and are exposed in the space to be heated. Gas unit heaters have a low installation cost and can heat big areas without the use of expensive duct systems. If you need garage heater installation or repair, give us a call today.

Sewer Line Replacement

We can replace your old sewer lines. Sewer lines often cause issues when it is old, leaking or has been damaged by tree roots. Our company can obtain necessary permits to dig up the sewer lines and replace them. No matter the issue or you simply need a new sewer line before you sell your house, we can replace it. Our company has years of experience in replacing all kinds of sewer systems.

Drain Cleaning

Drain functions by removing waste water from your property. A properly working drain is important for wastewater management of commercial and residential property. Our plumbers have the necessary knowledge and the tools to provide repairs, maintenance, and cleaning of your drains. If the drains are clogged, smelling bad or not draining as fast as they should, our plumbers can take a look at the issues and promptly solve it. We have some of the best people working for us, who are trained and know how to fix your drainage system quickly.

Why Choose Us ?

Our services are affordable. We provide competitive pricing for all our services from repairs, installation to maintenance. We will come on time so you don’t have to face issues for longer than usual. We come fully equipped and solve the issue on the same day.
Our company provides the highest quality services. No matter how intricate the issue is, our team is fully dedicated to solving your problem so you can enjoy functional plumbing or heating. We have trained staff who are polite and know their work well. Our company believes in 100% customer satisfaction and works towards solving issues as quickly as possible. Our customers are highly appreciative of the work we provide and show the appreciation by rating us highly on multiple platforms. They do not shy away from recommending us to anyone looking for plumbers in Calgary. Give us a call today if you have any questions.


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