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Most of the time, you aren’t aware of how much wastewater is being discharged from your home. When something goes wrong with your sewage line, you just think about it! When something goes wrong, however, it’s not easy to remedy. Professional plumbers must intervene if there is a problem with your drain that transports water to the sewage system.

Calgary Sewer Line Replacement

Since the turn of the millennium, we have been assisting Calgary residents with blocked drains, sewage lines, and other plumbing issues.


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Is It Time For You To Replace Your Sewer?

Bad things happen, and if it happens to your sewage, you’ll need assistance right away! This isn’t a game to play with. In fact, we’ve replaced as many sewers as we’ve replaced furnaces, and we can do it fast, efficiently, and affordably.

But here’s the thing: you might not require a new sewer. Perhaps all you need is to get your current one cleaned. How do you figure that out? Simple. We come out with our Sewer Camera when you phone us. It is a video camera that is inserted into a sewer pipe and shows what is within. You can observe what’s going on for yourself and then make an informed decision about what to do next. Perhaps another plumbing firm has come out and told you that your sewer has to be replaced. Maybe you’d like a second opinion. Perhaps you should give us a call. We’ll be pleased to come out and inspect your property and offer you our honest evaluation. That’s how we are!

What Causes Sewer Pipe Damage?

The main sewer line can be broken for a variety of causes, but these are the most prevalent, according to specialists.

AGE – The most common source of major sewer line damage is old, corroding iron pipes.

INFILTRATION BY TREE ROOTS – If your main sewer line has a breach, tree roots will migrate towards the leak and eventually penetrate the pipe.

ORGANIC OBSTRUCTION – When fat and grease are poured down the drain, they stack up like a clog in an artery.

The last thing you want is for raw sewage to back up into your home, therefore it’s crucial to know if you should replace or repair a damaged main sewer line. If your main sewer line is more than 50 years old, it’s best to replace it rather than repairing it because repairs are only temporary. Contact Calgary Plumbing Heating to have your sewer line inspected and a remedy determined.

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